02 Jan

Suji Gol Gappe- Hindi with Eng subtitles

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No shopping in Delhi is complete without these Suji ke gol Gaape and chatpata pani. They are called Pani Puri in Mumbai and Puchka in Kolkata. I have just shown the recipe to make the Gol gappas…the recipe to make chatpata pani will be part of another video. Enjoy this delicious and mouth watering balls with the purity and hygiene of your home. inhouserecipes.com

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14 Responses to “Suji Gol Gappe- Hindi with Eng subtitles”

  1. Reply maahigupta81 says:

    Sure..i have made a note of it…i will soon upload the video..
    Thanks for writing in.

  2. Reply mundi3210 says:


  3. Reply arabbint says:

    @maahigupta81 :) yes iv`e never eaten them before :(  thanks for the tip about the spicy mint water :) i will try it! x

  4. Reply arabbint says:

    looks like a nice snack,i never made these before :)

  5. Reply arabbint says:

    @maahigupta81 Thanks thats great will be waiting :)

  6. Reply maahigupta81 says:

    Thats good…

  7. Reply mohamed83 says:

    what is suji???????????????

  8. Reply maahigupta81 says:

    That’s what we want, people like our recipes and efforts to make new recipes.
    Thanks for being with us.

  9. Reply rastarum says:

    Please give us Carrot, Cauliflower pickle recipe.
    Thanks in advance

  10. Reply maahigupta81 says:

    This is strange…have you ever eaten them?
    But if you have not tried them before..you are seriously missing something in life :)

    Try this…they are eaten with spicy mint water. You just make a hole in it, add boiled potato along with sweet sauce, add spicy water and then just keep the one whole piece in your mouth…You will have the feeling of paradise…

    It is a very famous snack in India.

  11. Reply pakimuslimgirl says:

    OMG THANKS SO MUCH! and i love that sweet thank you at the end! youve got urself another subscriber :)

  12. Reply rastarum says:

    I use fine suji and less maida.

  13. Reply maahigupta81 says:

    Suji is Semolina.

  14. Reply maahigupta81 says:

    I will soon upload the video for spicy mint water and the process to eat it too!!
    Keep watching…

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