12 Feb

Ringan Ravaiya – Bharela Baingan Masala- stuffed baby eggplant

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Enjoy this spicey masaledaar stuffed eggplant with rice, Khichadi, and roti. Gujarati call them Ravaiya. Bharela Bengan Ravaiya..

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35 Responses to “Ringan Ravaiya – Bharela Baingan Masala- stuffed baby eggplant”

  1. Reply chinuzinu says:

    Hi there, Do you know how to make Cream Rolls´╗┐ which we get it from all general stores in india? If yes then pl upload on youtube.

  2. Reply AbstractMan23 says:

    thank you for this wonderful recipe!!
    i just made this. came out really amazing!! but i think i´╗┐ put too many peanuts as the colour was brown and yours is more red.
    i did it in a pan then put the lid on so the steam cooked it, on low flame.
    i actually added a spicy tomato gravy to some of the dish, as i wanted something a bit more saucy with my rice.

  3. Reply ilikethewok says:

    Very flavorful!! Wonderful´╗┐ recipe–thx.

  4. Reply AbstractMan23 says:

    i made this again tonight. wow it’s so tasty. i added tomato gravy, peas and potatoes. so delicious!
    i wonder how it will be if you bake this dish in´╗┐ the oven…?

  5. Reply SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Thanx for waiting. ´╗┐

  6. Reply ankit231 says:

    Thanks for´╗┐ uploading !! I dont need a receipe book anymore ;)

  7. Reply SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Thank´╗┐ you.

  8. Reply SuperVeggieDelight says:

    I think it would make great taste dish even in the´╗┐ oven. The only thing I think would helpful is wrap them individually with filling and some gravy in foil and bake it. I have seen some shows that they do stuffed vegetable baking.
    So good luck and let us know if it’s worth trying
    Again thank you for sharing

  9. Reply LoveBigTime says:

    bharela ringna mara favorite. I live in Sydney.´╗┐ I miss bharela ringna with rotli, yoghurt, lasanni chatni. dinner

    may be use this recipe during weekend

  10. Reply MamaQuita0109 says:

    Thisis exactly what´╗┐ I was looking for! Thank you for inviting me to you wonderful channel! Mmm Mmmm Good!

  11. Reply MamaQuita0109 says:

    Please tell me where can I buy Indian´╗┐ inspired dishes and cookware (cups, bowls, dabba, tea service, etc). Thank you!

  12. Reply SuperVeggieDelight says:

    You´╗┐ most welcome and enjoy.

  13. Reply userss00 says:

    they turned out great. i went to the grocery specifically to get the small eggplants and i made them. everyone loved this dish. thanks! i just´╗┐ put a lot less sugar but the rest i made exactly the same way. great video. pls keep making!

  14. Reply SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Thank you for sharing.´╗┐ Would love to hear some ideas and tips.

  15. Reply SuperVeggieDelight says:

    This red chilli powder is made from hot indian chillis and this is homemade so no color or toxic in it…I use mostly´╗┐ all spices homemade. The color of turmeric powder even is dark since my mother-in-law makes it from skratch. You might want to research before posting probably….enjoy!

  16. Reply amiastonishing says:

    hi bhavna thank you very much for including it to yr list..shall wait for it till thn will try ´╗┐ some of yr other recipes which u have uploaded..

  17. Reply SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Great thanx

  18. Reply daintgautam says:

    did anybody noticed that Red Chilli´╗┐ powder has a very strange Magenta Red colour… Toxic

  19. Reply LoveBigTime says:

    r u´╗┐ gujju ?

  20. Reply SuperVeggieDelight says:

    It’s from India, 2.5´╗┐ lit

  21. Reply SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Yes, this taste delicious and healthy, too. I usally use some penut and to make gravy little thick i´╗┐ add besan(Gram flour). But yah, tomato could make more gravy. Good creativity…

  22. Reply SuperVeggieDelight says:

    You most welcome´╗┐ and keep enjoying!!

  23. Reply Gobliwog says:

    Hi, I like your pressure cooker, did you buy it in the US and where, was it online? How many liters is it? The ones I see mostly are a bit big for me, they are like 5 liters, I thought it was too big´╗┐ of a pot. Tks for your recipes, keep them coming. !!

  24. Reply SuperVeggieDelight says:

    What do you think? just´╗┐ kidding…I am!!

  25. Reply SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Hi Ankit
    Great. I am happy that i´╗┐ can save you some money. Let me know if you would like to see any recipe on this channel. And feel free to ask questions regarding recipes. Thank you and enjoy!!

  26. Reply SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Yes, you can.´╗┐ Enjoy!

  27. Reply sgorandesai says:

    I also add some sesame seeds (roasted), coconut and corainder (green) (they call it cilantro´╗┐ in the US).
    I also slit the brinjal , one on the top and one on the bottom.

  28. Reply SuperVeggieDelight says:

    I have added mango cheese cake´╗┐ to list. Will sure show sooner or later. Enjoy!

  29. Reply SuperVeggieDelight says:

    I see that you stay in US. Try to find indian grocery store. At indian grocers, you can find everything. And this days there are many online stores as well. Let me know if you´╗┐ need more help

  30. Reply dream2s says:

    How do you make/store the ginger/garlic/chillie paste.´╗┐ Do you refrigerate it or freeze it. Good video.

  31. Reply gauri4uu says:

    Can we freeze this mixture and be ready whenever we want to make it. Please let me´╗┐ know. Thanks Gauri

  32. Reply SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Yes,´╗┐ I make in big quantity and feeze them. I keep small amount in refrigerator for daily use.

  33. Reply SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Great!! Really happy for you and thank you for sharing…´╗┐

  34. Reply whowhy100 says:

    thank you´╗┐ honey great dish and work:)

  35. Reply amiastonishing says:

    hi this recipe is gud…hey bt we can´╗┐ also make the dry baingan the same way rt with less gravy to eat with fulkaas?hmm i m gonna try it…hey bhavna pls upload mango cheesecake recipe if u can, i wanna try making it at home…

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